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Two of my 6309 coco's   Top Down:

  Composite/S-Video/VGA Monitor

  2 Meg 6309 Coco 3

SuperIDE interface from Cloud9
   The Cooling fan and SSD are
   Powered by AC adaptor/power supply for IDE drives.
   The unit shown I bought in a Toronto area store that is not in buisness now,
    so I can not recomend any specific source.

   However as an example of what I have,you could check out This Similar Unit.
  512 K 6309 Coco 3 with '86 GIMME

  Disto Floppy Disk Controler

  Coco is siting on a DVD player
  that uses the Monitor in S-Video mode.

  Old Bernoulli Box II case for dual floppys.

Tandy Color Computer Logo Tandy Color Computer Logo
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